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Changing gears

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I have decided to move myself away from the entertainment industry a bit. I would like to shift my focus, from here on out,  to that of the exciting world of Pharmacology! As I aspire to one day be a pharmacist, it can’t hurt to start researching its many facets now. 

For my multigenre project I believe that I would like to focus on dietary supplements. Specifically, Ephedra, the mystical chinese herb that is synthesized into Sudafed or into crystal meth, if that be your fancy.

Or maybe some other drug/supplement.

 I recently read an article on nutraceuticals in Scientific American magazine. It went into detail about how america is obsessed with increasing their intake of certain chemicals in order avoid health problems. Take Omega-3 fatty acids to lower risk of heart disease! Sound familiar? What some scientists are finding though is that most of these claims start out as anecdotal evidence at best. Omega-3 for instance was first noticed because it was found to be in high concentrations of eskimos who historically have had a miniscule rate of heart disease in their lineage. This led people to believe that it was because they ate so much coldwater fish which are chock full of Omega-3 fatty acid. With this “fact” under theit belt the dietary supplement industry has catered to the public’s fears and sold them what they wanted.

Why is this “fact” in quotations? Because whenever science trys to duplicate tests with this drug, their results are spotty. Scientists have seen tests that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that some of these supplements do what they claim but only in a small population of the test group. Other tests show that the placebo had a better effect than the supplement. Other tests show that the supplement might have done what it was supposed to but caused other potentially worse health risks.

My questions are as follow, Why do the american public, usually the most cynical audience in the world, continue to take these supplements without proper evidence of their efficacy? Why put something in your body that hasn’t been proven to do what it claims? Is this market purely corporate controlled, meaning is it just money that these companies are after, or is it that these companies truly want to create a healthier America? Where is the FDA in all this? By their laws, the FDA has stringent regulations on drugs but not supplements. Supplements in their eyes are considered food, in which case, manufacturers do not need to prove if a supplement does what it claims.

These qustions are all interpretation, so let’s define what a supplement is. What exactly does the FDA regulate if not efficacy of these supplements? FACT Where is the dividing line between drug and supplement.


Instead of editing the last post, which in essence is exactly what I’m doing, I’ve decided to expand on it. My topic on the efficacy and regulation of nutraceuticals begins to take ashpe and form. Nutrceuticals are those chemicals, additives or potent substances, derived from food stuffs, taken by themselves or ingested through enhanced food, in order to improve health, increase longevity, or improve quality of life. Anything that states such claims as, “Lower your chlolesterol”, or “improve heart health” can be dubbed nutraceutical. Nutraceutical is a combination of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical.

What interests me about these products, and I’ve stated such ideas above, are the regulations determining safety and efficacy of these products. Where does the FDA stand on these products?


Drive-ins and their place on the endangered species list

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Further revision to topics

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Film Piracy is huge! Although America produces thousands of movies a year, the U.S. isn’t one of the top contenders to hold the piracy crown. Other countries primarily in the eastern hemisphere download so frequently that some movie makers have no possibility of making a profit. How much money is Hollywood truly losing though?

Paris, Britney, and Lindsay are plastered everywhere not because of clutching bottle-fed puppies or reading to the blind but because of who they’ve “slept” with or where they’ve drunkenly driven their car. Why are they such big role models? Why does America care so much? Is it because we truly care for them, or is it the sardonic fascinations of those that idolize celebrities?

Why do movie theaters or cinemas still exist? With the technology available to consumers, why are patrons still leaving their home? Is it because new movies aren’t readily available to consumers until after a theater run, or is it the group dynamic that gets audiences off the couch? If first-run films were LEGALLY available to consumers would we see the death of the theater?

Another thought comes to mind that is somewhat related. Where have all the drive-ins gone? A place that provides the best of both worlds. On the one hand you are safely tucked away in your car with a sense of privacy that cannot be achieved in a public theater; on the other hand, you are still experiencing all of the hero’s pitfalls and victories on-screen with a group of complete strangers. Wouldn’t that be ideal? Apparently not, as America has just a few of these hallowed outdoor theaters left.

Topics for English research project

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Ten topics for potential research……

1. Film piracy

2. Since the advent of the vcr and home entertainment devices in the 70’s, are cineplexes or movie theaters needed?

3. How does the group dynamic of a movie theater differ from a dvd experience at home?

4. Are the 6 major production companies ( Paramount, WB, 20th Century Fox, etc.) really losing money from piracy? how much?

5. Is CG technology killing the stunt industry?

6. How necessary is the Writer’s Guild strike?

7. Why are the dregs of society, (Britney, Paris, and Lindsay) such big role models to young women?

8. Because of the last writer’s strike, society was given reality t.v. What will come out of the current strike.

9. Are the Academy Awrds given to the truly deserved or used as political strtegies? e.g. Al Gore’s powerpoint “documentary”

10. Was it right to cancel the Golden Globe Ceremony because of the writer’s strike?

To name just a few.