Topics for English research project

Ten topics for potential research……

1. Film piracy

2. Since the advent of the vcr and home entertainment devices in the 70’s, are cineplexes or movie theaters needed?

3. How does the group dynamic of a movie theater differ from a dvd experience at home?

4. Are the 6 major production companies ( Paramount, WB, 20th Century Fox, etc.) really losing money from piracy? how much?

5. Is CG technology killing the stunt industry?

6. How necessary is the Writer’s Guild strike?

7. Why are the dregs of society, (Britney, Paris, and Lindsay) such big role models to young women?

8. Because of the last writer’s strike, society was given reality t.v. What will come out of the current strike.

9. Are the Academy Awrds given to the truly deserved or used as political strtegies? e.g. Al Gore’s powerpoint “documentary”

10. Was it right to cancel the Golden Globe Ceremony because of the writer’s strike?

To name just a few.


One Response to “Topics for English research project”

  1. sounds to me like just doing a paper or project on piracy would combine a lot of these topics quite effectively

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