Further revision to topics


Film Piracy is huge! Although America produces thousands of movies a year, the U.S. isn’t one of the top contenders to hold the piracy crown. Other countries primarily in the eastern hemisphere download so frequently that some movie makers have no possibility of making a profit. How much money is Hollywood truly losing though?

Paris, Britney, and Lindsay are plastered everywhere not because of clutching bottle-fed puppies or reading to the blind but because of who they’ve “slept” with or where they’ve drunkenly driven their car. Why are they such big role models? Why does America care so much? Is it because we truly care for them, or is it the sardonic fascinations of those that idolize celebrities?

Why do movie theaters or cinemas still exist? With the technology available to consumers, why are patrons still leaving their home? Is it because new movies aren’t readily available to consumers until after a theater run, or is it the group dynamic that gets audiences off the couch? If first-run films were LEGALLY available to consumers would we see the death of the theater?

Another thought comes to mind that is somewhat related. Where have all the drive-ins gone? A place that provides the best of both worlds. On the one hand you are safely tucked away in your car with a sense of privacy that cannot be achieved in a public theater; on the other hand, you are still experiencing all of the hero’s pitfalls and victories on-screen with a group of complete strangers. Wouldn’t that be ideal? Apparently not, as America has just a few of these hallowed outdoor theaters left.


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