An Oscar? Really?!?

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park, always do commentary “minis” during every episode of said program, when the shows are put out on dvd. During season ten, there is an episode in which they make fun of Al Gore trying to convince people of a terrible threat to the human popluation. That’s right, you guessed it…….Manbearpig. The episode itself is woth a watch or two but the funniest aspect of the whole thing were the comments made during the commentary. Matt and Trey said something in my mind that not only starte me thinking, but also made me laugh. Speaking, of course about “An Inconvenient Truth”, they couldn’t believe that Al Gore won an oscar for an hour-long power point presentation.

I find that statement very powerful. Not only is it true, but it makes you wonder whether the Academy Awards are going out to the truly deserved artists of our time, or whether the Academy has a political agenda. Before you make up your mind, if anyone is reading this has a mind to make up, first compare past oscar award-winning documentaries with “An Inconveniennt Truth”. I think you’ll find a distinct lack of artistic value, cinematography, and everything else that makes a truly great, award-winning documentery.

In short, I think Ken Burns would have done it differently.

Now that my personal views are out of the way, let’s move on to the assignment.

Upon reading the reviews listed on Liz’s blog, I first noticed that the fact checks read like movie reviews. In fact, that’s what I thought they weere at first, reviews. They were filled with short quotes like, “Excellent” and “I sat there, and I’m amazed at how thorough and accurate…”. That last quote wasn’t even completed! These both came from USA Today’s article,  Scientists OK Gore’s movie for accuracy. Posted 6/27/06

Another thing I noticed is that these articles nit-pick at very minute details. It’s as if the authors of these articles want to argue just for the sake of aruguing. One article said that Gore was wrong to show aerosol changes in antartic ice cores in just two years. You want to know what that statement means to me? Jack S***! I couldn’t care less about all the number crunching being done out there to disprove Al Gore’s numbers by a one-hundredth of a percent.  By no means am I defending Gore, I personally had a hard time stomaching the “movie”, however, let’s big picture this thing, shall we?

Maybe there is evidence that the human population is causing the problems that Gore examines in his presentation, maybe not. At the end of the day does it really matter that his CO2 estimates could be off a little bit? Does it really matter if his glacial data is off by a huge margin? I personally think not. That being said, I would like to say this, what harm can come of taking the actions that Al proposes in the film? Worst case scenario is that everything remains the same and the average consumer walks away with a few bucks more in his pocket. By this I mean the small changes, not the huge ones like more taxes for ethanol research or clean air acts, but maybe turning off your living room lights a little more often, installing one or two compact fluorescents, or god forbid recycling just one or two of your endless supply of platic water bottles. How about maybe walking to the corner store two blocks away, lord knows this country could use a little exercise.

I think the message Al Gore ultimately wants to convey with all the numbers aside is that regardless of whose fault it is, the earth is changing, we need to change with it and maybe try to do the one thing that we as Americans either don’t want to do,or are too lazy to try, conserve.


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