As to the Credibility of….

Gary Pisano, author of my assigned book Science Business: The Promise, The Reality and The Future of Biotech, has accomplished quite a bit and has many credits to his name. A professor of business administration at the Harvard Business school, he has published over 25 research papers in various business journals, written six books, and holds a B.A in Economics from Yale and a Ph.D. from UC at Berkeley.  (from the Harvard University website,;jsessionid=Hp5VY9gkncjMrRMQhsjPvyLTcR1BYPDK9Vn8Xm19fqpLM2Q0NhnS!1247104248!1868017202?facInfo=bio&

Other than this general info, (and given the time constraints) I couldn’t find musch more than this on the guy. I intend to find more somewhere when I have more time, however, most of the websites and/or articles I have found on Dr. Pisano are either published by HBS or an alumnus of the school.

Having read the first three chapters, I can say that it sounds like he has done his research. In the first third of the book he completely laid out the timeline of a new drug’s conceptionand eventual marketing. He also details the business aspects involved along the way.  It seems like he really knows his way around the pharmaceutical industry. He states his arguement that the biotech industry has not fulfilled it’s potentilal to improve the healthcare industry because of breakdown in management and administrative short-comings.

Because of his accomplishments, it seems like he has very thoroughly researched this topic. Only further reading and a closer look into his credibility will convince this reader that his argument is valid.

to be continued….


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