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This poster speaks to movie-goers, specifically those that like action movies. As with any movie poster the purpose is to fill seats. This poster is dynamic in that portrays a movie star we all know taking up almost the entire poster. he is even top-billed in case we forgot his name. Since this the third in the series, audience members, especially fans will already know what he’s about and why he’s carrying the gun. The images behind him are also blurred as if he’s moving at a clip. No doubt, it sends the message that this will be a fast-paced “thrill-ride”. The color to me is interesting. It’s a very distinct blue-gray tint that has almost been bleached. Does this say something about his character? Maybe he is morally gray. I think the authors chose the colors and the image to appeal to not only female sexuality but also to a man’s sense of thrill and adventure.


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