Workshop Day!

Today was my workshop day. I brought in my brochure, which is going to be my third piece. I got some good feedback; as suspected I need to re-word the inside of the brochure. I want the piece to be very simplistic, bordering on juvenile, in order to ease a new diabetic into a more comfortable disease. Our sub had a good suggestion of running it by a specialist to see how they receive it. They might have some good suggestions.

On to the future. I am doing my taste test and survey April 3rd. I hope more people show up for that class. I could really use the feedback. The cookbook is coming along well, but I need to get the first draft of my essay done.  With all four pieces created, I just need to focus on the next P&D, and tweak my pieces. Barring any setbacks, I should be right on track to be finished soon!


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