Spring break. A time of relaxation, mental decompression, and for some lucky people, a trip to an exotic resort in a tropical place full of boozed up college students that are naked and puking. Well guess what I’m doing! That’s right, nothing anywhere that exciting or scary! I got all that out of my system in my twenties, why else would I be going to college in my thirties?

Anyhow, I am spending the break focusing on my diabetes project. For my fourth and final (thank god) I am going to profile the food that I will make and bring to class. There will be three to four dishes presented as my visual piece for the multi-genre project. Of the four projected dishes, I have succeeded in creating one “for sure” dish. My problem, however, is twofold. First, in doing some more thorough research and by trying different recipes out, I’m finding that feeding a diabetic dessert is not about changing the recipe, so much as it is about changing the portion size. I have come to realize that I can either make a normal portion sized piece of crap, or a smaller sized decadent slice of heaven. Even in trying to combine both schools of thought I’m finding that it is much easier to make something sinful and just eat less of it.

My second problem is that I have a taste taste/survey to conduct on the aforementioned dishes coming up on April 3rd. I really need to hustle if I plan to present four dishes. At this point I’m not sure what the best solution is. I know that it is too late to change the project(s), but I don’t want to present shit either. F***! I guess I’ll just have to keep plugging away and see where it all leads me. Maybe I can find the perfect balance or maybe I just take different flavors of cupcakes.

God I hate cupcakes.


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