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How do I want to introduce this train wreck. I swear all was going fine two weeks ago, and then suddenly the bottom fell out. Ok, here goes, I think the hardest thing that I have to accomplish is fitting the project into a conversation. I don’t want to simply spout off everything that I’ve read, I want to show my point of view and make it interesting. The overview and the scope will be easy, I’ve been blogging about that  for a while now. Sequencing the pieces and the rationale behind it all will be not be difficult either, I have a pretty good idea of how that will work.  If only I had more time. With a funeral this weekend foru towns away, I’m going to have difficulty wrapping this thing up. Hopefully I can bang it out this weekend. I do have idea for the package to turn it in, but no idea on how to present the argument. I know this all sounds like useless drivel, “oh, woe is me” but I really have been working hard and want to finish this up.


April 30th remix

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Since my last blog didn’t post before my computer died, I thought I would repost it. If only I could remember what I wrote.  This week, pardon my language, has been a fucking train wreck. My cookbook came in, and the brochure needs only to have the final copy printed. The food will be made but the freaking essay is going to be the end of me.