How do I want to introduce this train wreck. I swear all was going fine two weeks ago, and then suddenly the bottom fell out. Ok, here goes, I think the hardest thing that I have to accomplish is fitting the project into a conversation. I don’t want to simply spout off everything that I’ve read, I want to show my point of view and make it interesting. The overview and the scope will be easy, I’ve been blogging about that  for a while now. Sequencing the pieces and the rationale behind it all will be not be difficult either, I have a pretty good idea of how that will work.  If only I had more time. With a funeral this weekend foru towns away, I’m going to have difficulty wrapping this thing up. Hopefully I can bang it out this weekend. I do have idea for the package to turn it in, but no idea on how to present the argument. I know this all sounds like useless drivel, “oh, woe is me” but I really have been working hard and want to finish this up.


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