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Words fail me.

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Today I have little to say. I’m writing this post just to keep up on it. I am really trying to make this blog updated as best as possible. I have a couple of drafts that I have yet to post. One of which is extremely hard for me to write; it is a lament for two of my favorite entertainers that have recently fallen. I’ll continue to work on it and hopefully post it this week. I apologize to you, my imaginary fans, for at the moment words fail me.


Hounddog banned? Chalk another one up to ignorant retards!

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I just saw this on, it sickens me. The link will be at the bottom of this post. I just read that Hounddog, Dakota Fanning’s new movie, has been pulled from over 5,000 AMC theaters nationwide. The cause for this action? Certain family organizations raised hell about a particular scene in the movie that depicts Fanning being raped. Now I don’t want to ever think about a nine-year-old being raped, let alone see it, however, is it fair that a very small population of people is allowed to control what the rest of the country can or cannot see? According to WENN, “Officials at Concerned Women For America are leading the charge to boycott the movie…”. Does anyone else find this appalling? The article goes on to say that the great state of North Carolina has investigated the claims that the scene constitutes “sexual activity” of a minor and found that no laws have been broken. The director has a great quote in the article, saying that it is sad that people that haven’t even seen the movie are willing to immediately speak out against it.

I’ll let you decide for yourselves but it really aggravates me not only that people are so violently against art (no matter how distasteful they find it) whenever it breaches an area that they are uncomfortable with, but to also automatically dismiss something outright at the mere mention of something that you find disagreeable. If you don’t think you’ll like it, don’t fucking watch it, but don’t take that right away from others! That’s what terrorists want to do. The Germans, Russians, Chinese, and the Al Qaeda all want, or have wanted, to control what their citizens see, think, and feel based on their narrow views of what they feel is or isn’t appropriate. This country has fought too many wars for us to bow down to those that feel something is bad for America based on what they have inferred, not even seen, and deemed to be inappropriate.

Shame on you Concerned Women of America for not letting the public decide for themselves what is or isn’t appropriate. I have not seen the film myself, thanks to you, so it very well might be a piece of garbage, however without the chance to formulate my own opinion, I might as well live in 1930’s Germany. Shame on you as well AMC for bowing down to those that do not stand for the American ideal of freedom of speech. By letting them win you have succumbed to a terrorist attack and let the few dictate what the many should be allowed to do for themselves.

Censorship sucks. What will you take away next? Who are you to decide what’s good?

Personally, not being much of a Fanning fan, I didn’t really care to see this movie. In light of current events however, I’d like nothing better than to watch it. Thanks CWA! Wish I could find one of your picket lines to cross!

Chem II is the bane of my existence.

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Approximately 6 weeks ago I entered this semester with optimism and bright shining hope. Being the relatively clever, and relatively young, man (also relative) that I am, I thought that there would be no reason that I wouldn’t repeat the success I had in chemistry last semester. I, however, was horribly mistaken. I scored a 58% on my last curved test and hold little hope for the one coming up next Tuesday. I admit that I haven’t been studying as hard as I should but still devote on average an hour a day to the subject. I get so frustrated that this one subject does not come as naturally to me as others do. I have always been a student that requires minimal study time as long as I do the homework. Tests have always been a strength for me. And yet just two weeks ago I failed my first test ever. Needless to say, I have stepped it up a little and have really tried to study harder, yet try as I might the subject matter still eludes me. The text make no sense to me at all; the teacher’s explanations, even those given in one-on-one tutor sessions, seem to make sense until I go home; and I have yet to complete a problem without referring to either an example in my notes, or one in the text. Hence the miserable showing on the test. I believe my problem lies with grasping concepts. I understand the algebra behind the calculations, but i fail to understand which equation to use at any given time. I’m doomed. I’ve looked for the free tutors that are constantly advertised around campus yet since I am in Chem II, those that have already taken it have either graduated or moved onto another school. I went to B&N in the hopes of finding a dummy book or a study guide that will put the concepts in plainer terms, but alas, my search was fruitless. It seems that there is a market for such books. Perhaps, if one day I can understand the V’ant Hoff factor, or the calculations behind crystal lattices, I will write such a book. until that day comes, if it ever will, please wish me luck, o’ non-existent reader!

A Wacky Weekend with the In-Laws

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This past weekend the wife and I gathered our junk, loaded the Explorer, and headed on down to the in-law’s house in order to participate in their annual garage sale. I freakin’ hated it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my in-laws and consider myself lucky for being related to such great people, however, I am constantly looking for an excuse to not be a part of this disgusting ritual known as the garage/yard sale.

I have always hated them. Yard sales I mean. The thought of forsaking what always turns out to be an entire weekend, gathering, tagging, sorting, displaying, haggling, and eventually throwing away junk that I have harbored for years makes me want to vomit blood whilst being impaled rectally with the fat end of a bowling pin. Too graphic? Sorry, but that description will give a very minute inkling of what I would rather do on a Saturday afternoon rather than bartering with the general public. I am of the philosophy that if I haven’t used something for six months or more, I probably won’t ever use it again. Seems like a winning attitude for a yard sale gatherer huh? Hang on, I would rather donate or destroy those things than let strangers pick through it. Regardless of the fact that the wife and I made about $400, I have to ask myself, was it worth it? Really? I contemplate and contemplate but I always come up with the same answer: HELL NO! I would have rather paid twenty bucks on a two hour trip to the dump than waste 16 hours making sure that no one stole my wife’s grandfather’s big brass hanging key-holder shaped like, you guessed it, a goddamn skeleton key!

Now, I may be extremely judgemental, however, I noticed that for the most part the people that shop these low-rent flea markets are genial, laid back, good solid citizens. You can’t run into too many snobs that are willing to pay a quarter for 25-year-old wool socks. That just isn’t in the cards. However, every one “shopper” in twenty is flat-out disgusting. The kind of person whose smell lingers, in the open air mind you, for about half an hour after having left. These are the ones that you hope aren’t looking to buy a chair for fear of having the next “shopper” gag as they sit down. They are also the ones that haggle over nickels and dimes. If something is marked for two dollars, then they want it for one. If something is marked for twenty dollars, they want it for one. They are the primary reason that I’d just rather take everything to the dump. At least that way I still get the smell without the aggravation of repeating the words, “the price is marked, dude”; or “No, I will not go any lower”; or “I’ll throw in this 10-year-old bar of soap if you please promise me that you’ll use it by combining it with water, in a ritual that I like to call ‘taking a shower’, now, get outta my face hippie”.

Typical "shopper" this past weekend!

Typical "shopper" this past weekend!

Nature v. Nurture

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I listened to a very interesting presentation today in Psych 101. A student used Harry Potter and Voldemort to explain the difference between nature and nurture. Although there are many literary references to this argument, Dickens’ own Oliver Twist and Great Expectations are the classic examples, I believe that Harry and Voldemort are extremely good updated examples. Listening to the presentation I felt that I had known this somewhere on the subconscience level but hearing the argument presented so logically really opened my eyes to it. I guess good writing does that. I got so wrapped up into the story that I hadn’t thoroughly analyzed it as a literary piece.

Spring semester flashbacks part deux

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Things went well. I did indeed give my diabetes speech today. Although I was so crunched for time I don’t think my teacher caught all of my references. I also wasn’t able to expand on glucose and insulin as much as I wanted to. Oh well, I’m glad it’s over. On to chemitry! I don’t know if I was supposed to do a prelab or not though. I didn’t see one posted on blackboard nor is there one in the lab manual. I’ve chatted with a fellow classmate online but her search was equally fruitless. I really need a good grade in chem. I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t do well.

Spring semester flashbacks

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As the air outside develops a bite and we can no longer leave the windows open at night for fear that the drool on our pillows will freeze ours faces in place, I find myself experiencing deja vu of a time when the bite was leaving the air and the nights were getting milder. Today I am to give a speech on the subject that consumed my life between the months of February and May earlier this year. That’s right oh imaginary readers of mine, I am giving an informative speech today on diabetes. I just practiced for about an hour and found myself out of breath, extremely nervous, and wondering if I will be able to present it in the time allotted. I’m doomed. I never got within the time limit, but fear that if I practice anymore, it will just make me choke.

With a bit of an improv background, I feel that I do better with less practice than most. I just practice so that I can get within the time limit. Not because I freakout in front of people. I use the tag #1 because public speaking is just that, the #1 fear amongst people. Isn’t that crazy? That means people would rather get pooped on or even die rather than speak in front of people. Not me, I find that in the beginning I am nervous but the fear quickly leaves me as I speak, however, the more I practice the more self-conscious I get which leads to the fear staying with me longer. Did that make sense? Well, it did to me and since you, the reader, are a figment of my imagination then I guess you’ll get it.

Anyhow, here I go, off to class. Feet don’t fail me now. Tongue don’t tie up, and bowels don’t release.  

Wish me luck!