Spring semester flashbacks

As the air outside develops a bite and we can no longer leave the windows open at night for fear that the drool on our pillows will freeze ours faces in place, I find myself experiencing deja vu of a time when the bite was leaving the air and the nights were getting milder. Today I am to give a speech on the subject that consumed my life between the months of February and May earlier this year. That’s right oh imaginary readers of mine, I am giving an informative speech today on diabetes. I just practiced for about an hour and found myself out of breath, extremely nervous, and wondering if I will be able to present it in the time allotted. I’m doomed. I never got within the time limit, but fear that if I practice anymore, it will just make me choke.

With a bit of an improv background, I feel that I do better with less practice than most. I just practice so that I can get within the time limit. Not because I freakout in front of people. I use the tag #1 because public speaking is just that, the #1 fear amongst people. Isn’t that crazy? That means people would rather get pooped on or even die rather than speak in front of people. Not me, I find that in the beginning I am nervous but the fear quickly leaves me as I speak, however, the more I practice the more self-conscious I get which leads to the fear staying with me longer. Did that make sense? Well, it did to me and since you, the reader, are a figment of my imagination then I guess you’ll get it.

Anyhow, here I go, off to class. Feet don’t fail me now. Tongue don’t tie up, and bowels don’t release.  

Wish me luck!


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