Playin’ Hooky

I’m not feeling so hot today. Last night my wife and I met some friends for dinner and got home pretty late. I didn’t sleep at all last night and today I feel crappy. This sucks because it puts me way behind. I have a take-home midterm exam due next week for Psych, not to mention a presentation on states of consciousness. I also have a debate in a couple of weeks that I need to research for speech. Luckily, I’m coming off of a week of great success in my science classes.

I got a B on my Bio exam last week. Normally I would be somewhat disappointed in that kind of showing due to the performances I’ve had on previous tests, however, I also had a chem test to study for. If you’ve read previous posts of this blog (Chem II is the bane of my existence) then you’ll know that I failed my first chem exam of the semester. That is why I focused twice as much energy into the last test.

I took it a week ago today. The test was difficult yet I felt good about it afterward, which was rare and exciting. I went to see if the prof had posted the grades on-line, like he said he would, the next day. Much to my dismay, they were not. Nor were they posted the next day. My hopes of a good grade were falling. As I entered chem class last Thursday evening, the teacher made the announcement that two people in the class scored 28/30 on the test, the rest, however, failed. My hopes had crashed. For the next hour of class, the prof explained that not all hope was to be abandoned. He would allow us to take the test home, not knowing what we got wrong of course, retake it using open book and notes, and bring it back in today so that we could potentially obtain a higher score. I felt conflicted at this point because who wants to waste their weekend taking a test that they have already unsuccessfully prepared for and failed? Not this guy! Like I said, the prof went into excruciatingly long detail about the guidelines that we were to follow concerning this retake. He then sent us to break. Mind you, he still had not given out scores, so the 2 A-students were still anonymous.

When I returned form the cafeteria, hot cup of strong black coffee in hand, the prof was finally enlightening the class on the test scores. Disheartened and nervous, I took my seat. As he approached, he pulled out the test, leaned over and said, “Oh, wait, I can’t give yours back”. What? Why? No way! Those were my thoughts, verbatim. I looked at my score with immediate elation, however, I couldn’t just jump up and scream in front of nine people that failed; that would just be rude. I instead sighed heavily, dropped my head, and quietly left the room. I nearly wet myself as I performed the happy dance outside away from those that didn’t do as well.

Now to focus on the rest of my course-load. The rest is easy but time-consuming. I hate my assignments. My debate is supposed to be about the separation of church and state. I am debating in the affirmative, which is nice considering that I am an advocate of such policies. However, it is a very broad topic and I need to narrow it down. Part of the assignment’s stipulations is that I share all of my research with my opponent and she with me, but I have yet to get a response from any of the three emails that I’ve sent. Oh well, if she is not prepared, then that makes my job easier right? Hopefully, we’re debating the same issue though. Without a response from her, I don’t know if we’re on the same page. Oh well, for now I need to get some rest so that I can finish out the week.


One Response to “Playin’ Hooky”

  1. You should be extremely proud of yourself Nate….I am!!!

    Here’s something to scratch you head and say hmmmm,

    If I killed Jennifer Simpson this is how I would do it….
    I would dress up just like O.J. Simpson, take a buther knife from my drawer at home, hide in wait at Jennifer’s house, stab and kill her and Ron Goldman, then go home and call my limo driver. I’d give him a $1,000 tip to forget what time I called him….simple. (Not guilty)

    If I was going to get O.J. Simpson’s sports memorabilia back I would dress up just like O.J Simpson, then I’d hire some low life thugs with guns and bust into his hotel room and tell him that if he didn’t give me my trading cards back I’d kill him….simple. (Guilty)

    Some things just dont add up in life……

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