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Gotta ease back in

Posted in Circadian Events with tags , on 26 February, 09 by MastrN8

A lot has happened since I last told the world of my exploits, sorry about that. A wedding in Mexico (not mine), a visit to some ancient ruins, and a brand new school semester began. There were other things that have happened of course; a few bumps and bruises along the way, all of which were superficial, I realized that describing all of these things cannot happen all at once because none of them did. I am instead going to give my imaginary audience somewhat bite-sized recaps of what has happened in the past month and a half. Consider it the serialized MastrN8. Now that I have sufficiently built up my immensely drab and unexciting existence, enjoy.

I’d like to start with a slice of Chicken Pizza. That’s right, yours truly went to see one of the seven wonders of the world: the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza! My  wife and I along with my in-laws went to a somewhat overcast Cancun last month for her cousin’s wedding (details on that to follow). We were there for only four days. Not enough time, let me tell you. It was beautiful though! Mexico in winter is a lot better than some places in the summer! By the way forgive my horrible grammar and syntax, I know the flow isn’t there either but bear with me, it has been awhile. Anyhow, I got the chance to visit the temple with my father-in-law and brother-in-law. Chichen Itza is a lot farther inland than I assumed, they tell you Yucatan peninsula in school but it is no where near the sea. After a two hour bus ride, and a half hour history lesson given to us by the guide, we arrived at what looked like the entrance to an outdoor museum of concert hall. There was a big lobby filled with vendors, a gift shop, restrooms, everything you’d expect to see when entering a place like Six Flags or Disneyland, just on a more conservative scale. As we waited for the guide to buy our entrance to the ruins, my father-in-law filled out a form that would personalize a Mayan calendar and translate the date of his choosing into the corresponding Mayan date. We then entered the park.

Entering the ruins was odd. It felt as if we had walked into a “habitrail”, you know those mock up environments that zoos build? Anyway the beginning of the tour our guide was telling us to buy from the various merchants, and there were a lot of them, around the forested area. He said to make sure and haggle, not only is it expected but rude not to. Then there it was. Towering over me a like a great big Mayan temple. Chichen Itza, the great big Mayan temple. Awesome doesn’t cut it. This thing is older than Europe’s conquest of the new world. I was in awe. Unfortunately I couldn’t climb it though. Apparently some lady took a tumble off of it ruining it for everyone, no pun intended. 

The tour itself lasted about an hour, and I learned loads about the Mayans. I wish I could have learnt more. We were then set loose to wander, not to climb, the grounds. They were huge, and they are still finding more! The city was like New York or L.A. back in its day. People from all over the continent, even the Anasazi form Colorado, went there for commerce back in the day. It was truly amazing.

There is more to tell but must wait another day. When I resume, I will continue telling of this trip and perhaps the wedding.