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Twitter, blogs, Facebook, hell, why not just follow me around?

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I have been blogging (poorly) for just over a year now. I really do enjoy it even though I hardly ever write anymore. For me it’s a way to clear out and reorganize the junk bin ‘tween my ears. I have found that when I do jot something down, even just a line or two, I feel clear-headed and better able to focus. It’s like working out in two ways; first, you always feel better once it’s done and you are motivated to do it more frequently immediately afterwards. Secondly, the best times to blog, or workout, are when you wish to perform said activities the least. Over the past year, this has been my main form of mental release.

Just a few months ago I caught back up with the rest of the world by signing up with Facebook. I was able to reconnect with those that I had lost and those that were just acquaintances at first I am finding that I have a lot in common with. All in all, I am shocked, amazed and frankly bummed that I didn’t join Facebook sooner. It’s all good though. I’m still learning the rules of engagement and the different colloquialisms that go along with the site. I love it and am truly addicted to it. My favorite part? Reading the status updates that people post, by far! It’s like talking or texting to someone all of the time!

Whether he knew this fact or not, my brother-in-law told me that I should join Twitter. At first I was skeptical simply because I had no idea what it was. I thought that it was just another blogging site.  As you can tell I already belong to one of those. After he explained to me that it was just like facebook’s status updates without all the other junk, I was very interested! Needless to say, I am very much now a Twitter-er. I am proud to say that I have even linked my phone so that I can update my status via text. Call me what you will but I think this is awesome.  My only complaint is that I don’t have the amount of friends on Twitter as I do on Facebook. My hope is that my friends read this and become converts.

Hello 21st century!


Pickin’ it up.

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This week is the last week before spring break. I have been hit pretty hard with tests these past couple weeks. Some have been crappy, others have been good. Last week I had a general biology test that didn’t go so well. I walked in over-confident and fell flat on my face with a 73%. Pretty shitty N8. My one saving grace in that class is the fact that the prof drops the lowest test grade of the semester. I needed this low grade however. I needed something to light a fire under my ass since I’ve felt unmotivated all semester. Why must I constantly fight to fix things, instead of maintaining things that aren’t broken?

Another thing happened this week to motivate me. I was invited to join Phi Theta Kappa. This is not a fraternity but more of an honor society instead. It is only offered to full-time students that carry a 3.5 GPA and above. I wasn’t sure after last week if they would want me to join. I have no doubt though that I can overcome the aforementioned setback and maintain my current 3.6. I am still riding the fence on the decision to join though. I don’t want to join a club who’s idea of extracurricular volunteer work encompasses  sitting at a table  peddling baked goods. What am I, a girl scout? I would like the distinction on my transcripts however, and I am seriously debating on joining.

Finally, the most recent news. Today I found out that I scored a 95% on my Microbiology lab practical. I nearly wet myself out of elation! I had stressed over that test for weeks, as I have for the second part of the microbio midterm: the lecture exam! I take that tomorrow. I am confident but I learned a valuable lesson from my gen bio test: Don’t Walk in Cocky! Anything can happen so I intend to really crackdown and knock this one out of the park!

Wish me luck.
to be continued…

Going through the motions

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I sit here staring at the screen knowing that I want to write and need to write but I cannot. My original plan was to write about the events that transpired in Mexico and lead it into my everyday life, but alas, those stories tower above me and intimidate me. There is a lot to tell and frankly, I wish not to type it all out. I know that I’ll regret this decision but screw it. It was fun and great and the wedding was awesome. Chichen Itza was amazing! Let’s move on.

So I recently joined facebook at the behest of my mom. I have to admit, it is pretty cool. I have reconnected with some long lost acquaintances and find myself logging in on a daily basis just to see what a buddy of mine wrote as his current status. There are some extremely creative people out there.

School is starting to wear on me which is a drag since it is very early in my long school career. I have been finding it hard to focus and concentrate. Whenever I reach my preordained study times that I allot myself, something else always comes up. I have a Bio exam tomorrow afternoon. I didn’t study all weekend. I have a Micro Bio lab practical on thursday. I didn’t study all weekend. I have a math test and a Micro Bio exam next week on consecutive days. I didn’t study all weekend. See a pattern? I don’t know what is wrong with me. A few months ago nothing occupied my time more than cracking the books. Now, I feel bored, listless, and completely unmotivated.

I better go over some Bio stuff for the next hour or two before bed. We’ll see how it goes.