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Forgive me readers, for I have sinned…

Posted in Circadian Events on 25 May, 10 by MastrN8

It has been nearly nine months since last I’ve written. Much has happened in that time, as you can imagine; I will briefly relate to you, my imaginary readers, what exactly has been going on.

My last post described my total and utter disappointment for an honor society that attempted to turn me into a peddler of baked goods. Not much has changed on that front. After attending one meeting in which I made my objections clear, I left angry and felt duped. Apparently, the whole goal of this organization is to raise enough money to send the president to some national gathering of other people who have also convinced others to sell pastries. When joining the society I was told that they were all about community outreach. In my limited experience I found this to be untrue.

Since then, I have experienced two very challenging semesters of school that have resulted in success. Allow me to elaborate. During the fall semester of 2009 I took four classes, two of which I knew would be challenging. The other two were deceptively difficult. The organic chem class and anatomy and physiology classes that I took were very easy to categorize as challenging. The philosophy and world geography classes however, threw me for a loop. Now the argument can be made that I should have realized that philosophy would require some effort, but I had no clue to what extent. The same can be said for geography I suppose, but again, who would have guessed that it would require more work just memorizing where countries are on a map? I did, however, manage to receive a 4.0 that semester for my efforts. I can now point out Afghanistan on a blank map, which I doubt a fair number of war supporters would be able to do. I can also tell you who Immanuel Kant was and explain the basics of his philosophical theories and why they were important.

After the semester ended, I was eagerly awaiting my family’s annual christmas party. Normally, I am not a fan of christmas. Being a non-religious type, it just doesn’t hold the meaning for me that most people associate with the holiday. This christmas however, was bound to be awesome. Each year, my family, including extended family, gathers to exchange gifts, have an ugly sweater contest, and exchange white elephant gifts. White elephant gifts are those that are silly, useless, sometimes crude but always funny. I just so happened to come up with an idea that I was sure to be the best of them all. Early one morning, while in the shower, I was thinking of something that I could share that was utterly ridiculous. The most ridiculous thing I could think of at the time was the Snuggie. What is more ridiculous than wearing a freaking blanket in public. Not to mention, sleeves? On a blanket? Are you so lazy that the thought of uncovering an arm to take a drink is really that exhausting? Anyhow, with that thought in my head, I wondered how I could parody that concept. That was when it hit me. Why not make it the most hideous thing imaginable. From this was born, The Fugglie. Spending just $5, I was able to purchase the ugliest blanket and sweater that Goodwill had to offer. Using some scissors, a needle and thread, and about twenty minutes, I was able to sew sleeves onto a multi-colored afghan blanket. I also made a box for it which took two weeks and about fifteen dollars. Pictures are posted on my facebook profile for those of you that I have befriended. I will post one picture on this blog for those that aren’t.

The Fugglie Box Panel

I am especially proud of the way the box turned out.

This past semester, which ended just a couple of weeks ago, proved to be my toughest yet. I continued on with my A&P studies, as well as O. Chem. The other two classes I took were microeconomics, and comparative religions. I had learned fro the previous semester that I was not to underestimate these two non-science courses. Good thing too, because I found out that I had more on my plate than just schoolwork.

As it turned out, last november I found out that the pharmacy college admissions test (PCAT) was to be held on January 23, 2010. Because this date would be my last chance to take it before pharmacy school apps were due, I needed to get my butt in gear. Let me just say that applying to grad school is a full time job. Luckily for me though, there is an organization called PharmCAS that streamlines the application process. PharmCAS combines all of the materials that are required for applications and disburses them to the student designated schools. This was a real time-saver and I am thankful that I did not have to contact every school individually. Now, after having taken the PCAT, I had until March 1st to get all of my transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essay together in order to apply to pharm school. Unfortunately for me however, I did not have enough credits for most universities; in fact, there was only one choice that would allow me to apply. Although completion of a pharmacy program garners a doctoral degree, most programs do not require a prior degree. This is my case. However, most programs require around 90 credits in order to apply; I had around 80. This, of course, limited my options. I took the plunge however, and rolled the dice. At the eleventh hour, February 28th, I submitted my application to Regis University. On March 15th I was offered a chance to interview and on March 29th I was offered one of 75 positions in the program.

I was elated, to say the least. My gamble had paid off.

My acceptance to pharmacy school proved to be both a blessing and curse as far as the rest of the semester went. I had mentally checked out; no longer was my GPA such a big deal. For the most part, all I really needed to do was pass. My grades began to reflect that work ethic and I finished the semester with a measly 3.42. I had scraped a couple of B’s from my science courses and a couple of A’s from econ and religions. Oh well, I now have a light at the end of my tunnel and it is only four years away.

For now, I guess that pretty much catches everyone up on my school career. I may post something later about what is going on in the family but for now I leave you. This time I pray it won’t be for nine months.