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Officially a pharmer, but at what cost?

Posted in Circadian Events with tags on 16 September, 10 by MastrN8

Hello, imaginary reader. It has been sometime since I’ve written and much has happened. Following a successful interview and entrance into pharmacy school, I proceeded to take a trip to Cabo in June to attend my cousin’s wedding; I went camping… twice; and I moved back to a familiar city, if not a familiar part of it. In taking stock of the things that have happened to me, not to mention for me, in the last few years, I realized how incredibly lucky, fortunate, and amazing my life is right now.

That being said, as the couple of you readers out there already know, I use this platform as a way to whine, bitch, and complain about said amazing life. Here we go…

Last week I experienced my first week of pharmacy school. By Thursday, my confidence that I could succeed in pharmacy school, broke. The unique program that I am enrolled in requires that I study materials given to me prior to class. At the beginning of a designated class, usually a week later, we are required to take a quiz on the materials immediately upon entering the classroom. A 70% is passing and needed to continue. I had two of these quizzes last week and did not do very well on them. I am beginning to doubt my ability to achieve more than just a passing grad, if I can even achieve that. I keep telling myself that it is VERY early in the semester to start worrying about this, but I can’t help but wonder how indicative these low scores are of the rest of the semester.

Do I have what it takes to survive grad school?

Am I psyching myself out too early? Probably.

I have redoubled my efforts, reassessed my study habits, and poured myself into the material for my next quiz. I really hope that it is enough. I keep thinking of all the disappointed people that I will have to face; I can’t bear it.