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Lessons learned?

Posted in Scattershot with tags , on 11 September, 08 by MastrN8

What have we learned in the last seven years? The only apparent lessons gleaned from the awful experience were things like: fingernail clippers can kill; explosives can be contained, not to mention walked on, in footwear; or that cancelling public events, no matter their triviality, shortly after the events in 2001, were signs of “letting the terrorists win”. Win what? They killed hundreds of people! There was and is no win or lose here. There has just been death. Death of those tragically killed in the towers; on the airplanes; or in the battles that our soldiers have fought, in vain, for the last seven years or so. I feel that America has gotten into this thing too deep to just pull our troops out suddenly. We need to wean our support from the middle east gradually. That being said, I believe we as a country need to draw the line somewhere. To quote comedian David Cross, “Fighting a war on terrorism is like fighting a war on jealousy. At no point will we say, That’s it! Got ’em all!””. We’re fighting a war that that has been fighting for 6000 years! Human civilization began between the Tigris and Euphrates. And where are those rivers? Iraq. America being barely 232 years old, entered a war that is, quite literally, as old as mankind itself. Are we so naive to think that peace can truly exist with that kind of history?

I have no answers to what we, as a nation, should or should not do concerning this conflict. As you can see, I too am conflicted in my views. I only have questions. What have we learned? How can the events of 9/11/01 be avoided in the future? How can we convince people that different beliefs in religion is no reason for war? The blatant hypocrisy that God put us here not to commit abortion but grants leniency on killing people, sometimes the innocent, in times of war is a frustrating prospect for me to digest. This is a two-way street, as are most things. Radical muslims maim, torture, and kill those that they consider infidels in the eyes of their god. Neither side, in my eyes, have conducted themselves appropriately in the past seven years. I have to admit that once I saw the footage of the towers falling, I too had the knee-jerk reaction of, “Let’s bomb the bastards!”. Who didn’t? Can anyone honestly say that they wouldn’t have ordered the strike either? Once the dust settled though, I thought, “Now what?”. Establishing a democratic government? Accusing Saddam of harboring weapons of mass destruction? We were in the wrong country! Kim Jong Il had them the whole time! But that’s beside the point.

My  point is this. As the close of this first decade in the 21st century draws nigh, what lessons will we be able to say that we have learned? We know the scale of color on a terror alert! How will that help us? If we are not sure of what the lessons are, how can we employ them in order to evolve ideas on society and the violent threats within that society? The whole point here is to learn and evolve. If a region of the world hasn’t been able to evolve from war for 6000 years, will they ever?