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Spring semester flashbacks part deux

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Things went well. I did indeed give my diabetes speech today. Although I was so crunched for time I don’t think my teacher caught all of my references. I also wasn’t able to expand on glucose and insulin as much as I wanted to. Oh well, I’m glad it’s over. On to chemitry! I don’t know if I was supposed to do a prelab or not though. I didn’t see one posted on blackboard nor is there one in the lab manual. I’ve chatted with a fellow classmate online but her search was equally fruitless. I really need a good grade in chem. I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t do well.


Spring semester flashbacks

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As the air outside develops a bite and we can no longer leave the windows open at night for fear that the drool on our pillows will freeze ours faces in place, I find myself experiencing deja vu of a time when the bite was leaving the air and the nights were getting milder. Today I am to give a speech on the subject that consumed my life between the months of February and May earlier this year. That’s right oh imaginary readers of mine, I am giving an informative speech today on diabetes. I just practiced for about an hour and found myself out of breath, extremely nervous, and wondering if I will be able to present it in the time allotted. I’m doomed. I never got within the time limit, but fear that if I practice anymore, it will just make me choke.

With a bit of an improv background, I feel that I do better with less practice than most. I just practice so that I can get within the time limit. Not because I freakout in front of people. I use the tag #1 because public speaking is just that, the #1 fear amongst people. Isn’t that crazy? That means people would rather get pooped on or even die rather than speak in front of people. Not me, I find that in the beginning I am nervous but the fear quickly leaves me as I speak, however, the more I practice the more self-conscious I get which leads to the fear staying with me longer. Did that make sense? Well, it did to me and since you, the reader, are a figment of my imagination then I guess you’ll get it.

Anyhow, here I go, off to class. Feet don’t fail me now. Tongue don’t tie up, and bowels don’t release.  

Wish me luck!


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I believe I conducted a successful taste test today. The survey was taken by my classmates and I heard quite a few favorable responses. The 5 dishes presented included strawberry cheesecake tarts, oatmeal craisin cookies, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and pineapple upside-down cake. All of these dishes are “diabetic friendly”, meaning low-sugar and low-fat. I know that using the term “diabetic friendly” is somewhat of a faux-pas due to the fact that diabetics can eat anything they want so long as they plan for the glucose spike, however, I use it only to quickly convey how I prepared the food.

Our group was pretty productive today. Adam created and showed a slide showhe created. I commented that at times some of the text was difficult to read due to font color blending in with the background; and Kacey mentioned that some of the text went by too quickly which was a good point. Overall, his presentation looks amazing and well thought out.

Also, Nick showed us his magazine cover. It seems that he has created a fictional athelete that was recently accused of using performance enhancing drugs. It sounds like a sweet concept and the draft of his magazine cover looks awesome. The group suggested that he add some color and a border to the background. This is a great idea, but in hindsight I think that maybe it was too busy. He might want to using maybe one or two pics max and use text to give the reader an idea of the other stories.

 Okay, enough about them, let’s get to want I need to do. This week I plan to get a draft down of my first genre piece, the essay. I want to play around with the brochure as well. the brochure is going to feed into the essay so I need to complete those two pieces together. The cookbook is coming along swimmingly, I need to get that ordered so it has enough time to get back to me, and the food seemed to go over pretty well today as you have already read. Overall, I have a lot of work to do but with the food, pretty much locked down as far as recipes (still need to go over surveys to be sure) are concerned, I have the confidence to say that this project is just about a a quarter finished!


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Spring break. A time of relaxation, mental decompression, and for some lucky people, a trip to an exotic resort in a tropical place full of boozed up college students that are naked and puking. Well guess what I’m doing! That’s right, nothing anywhere that exciting or scary! I got all that out of my system in my twenties, why else would I be going to college in my thirties?

Anyhow, I am spending the break focusing on my diabetes project. For my fourth and final (thank god) I am going to profile the food that I will make and bring to class. There will be three to four dishes presented as my visual piece for the multi-genre project. Of the four projected dishes, I have succeeded in creating one “for sure” dish. My problem, however, is twofold. First, in doing some more thorough research and by trying different recipes out, I’m finding that feeding a diabetic dessert is not about changing the recipe, so much as it is about changing the portion size. I have come to realize that I can either make a normal portion sized piece of crap, or a smaller sized decadent slice of heaven. Even in trying to combine both schools of thought I’m finding that it is much easier to make something sinful and just eat less of it.

My second problem is that I have a taste taste/survey to conduct on the aforementioned dishes coming up on April 3rd. I really need to hustle if I plan to present four dishes. At this point I’m not sure what the best solution is. I know that it is too late to change the project(s), but I don’t want to present shit either. F***! I guess I’ll just have to keep plugging away and see where it all leads me. Maybe I can find the perfect balance or maybe I just take different flavors of cupcakes.

God I hate cupcakes.

Workshop Day!

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Today was my workshop day. I brought in my brochure, which is going to be my third piece. I got some good feedback; as suspected I need to re-word the inside of the brochure. I want the piece to be very simplistic, bordering on juvenile, in order to ease a new diabetic into a more comfortable disease. Our sub had a good suggestion of running it by a specialist to see how they receive it. They might have some good suggestions.

On to the future. I am doing my taste test and survey April 3rd. I hope more people show up for that class. I could really use the feedback. The cookbook is coming along well, but I need to get the first draft of my essay done.  With all four pieces created, I just need to focus on the next P&D, and tweak my pieces. Barring any setbacks, I should be right on track to be finished soon!

P & D II

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In my first genre piece, I intend to inform the masses of what happens, or what is happening, to those with diabetes. It is an essay and will most likely be long and dull. For the subsequent pieces, it might be in my best interest to intrigue the audience with something more visual and a little more light-hearted. Although, light-hearted may not be the right word, I want something to better grab the audiences attention. I was thinking perhaps of constructing a piece that outlined all of the medication that one with diabetes might actually be on. Diabetes, especially type II, carries with it a myriad of other diseases. Most likely, you don’t suffer from just diabetes. Those with type II DM usually also suffer from dyslipidemia, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, or even,  cardiovascular disease. The latter is usually characterized by heart attack, CVA, etc.

Finding true N with a faulty compass

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I’m all over the place……scattered…..organized, yet chaotic.

 I’ve done some preliminary research since my last post, which was an addition to a previous post. Nutraceuticals is a very broad topic as I thought it might be. The information I’ve found is so intriguing to me that, although I know I want to focus on this subtopic of the pharmaceutical industry, I am going to have to focus my view even further, I believe I am going to focus in on the soy bean, isoflavones in particular have prompted many debates as of late. 


I’m so lost…..

I know that I would like my project to focus on the pharmaceutical industry, however, I have spent the last couple days perusing so many articles that I feel like I have lost perspective and gotten lost in all of the different coves of this massive lake of knowledge.

I started with the nutraceutical debate; is there enough evidence behind their claims in order to market them as “cure-alls”?, are they just another straw being grasped at by a generation that wants the fountain of youth? Are they this centuries magic potions being sold not by travelling side-shows but by the food brands that we grew up on?

This led me down the path of Avandia’s black-box warning. Avandia is a Type II diabetes medication that might get pulled off the shelf due to the fact that it may cause heart failure in diabetic paitents.

I have found hundreds of articles on both of these topics, however, the info that I found is inundated with so much science that I begin to feel like my topics are too focused and although I have no doubt that I would find them interesting, how would I ever be able to convey this passion to an audience that could really care less about the efficacy and pharmacokinetics of a black-boxed drug, or for that matter the efficacy of a dietary supplement?

Do I need to broaden my search?

….3 hours later…..

I believe I’ve found a compromise. I was so involved with researching the warnings of avandia that I had forgotten what exactly Avandia was being used for in the first place, diabetes, specifically, type II diabetes.

Diabetes is such a broad topic that it is easy to find plenty of information on and yet, by narrowing it down to just type II diabetes, I have found a clear discussion in which I can voice and opinion/argument.

Fact and definition questions…. 

What is type II diabetes? How does it differ from Type I? What population of people are afflicted with this disease? How are they being treated? How much of the population suffers from this affliction? Of the number of total affliction, how many are obese?

…and the rest of it….

How do we take the aforementioned stats and definitions and link them with studies being done into the treatment of type II diabetes in the obese pop.? Of the drugs available for this disease, which ones work the best? the worst? What causes type II to manifest itself in the obese? Is it worth creating new drugs in order to prevent this disease from manifesting, or do we place pre-diabetic patients on a strict regimen of diet and exercise? What about the “thin” patients that suffer from this disease, is it genetic, dietary, or a combination of factors working together in order to cause them to suffer from this disease?

This I think is enough to go on for now. I will continue research with my peer reviewed articles on the subject, hope that they answer some of the questions stated above, and pray that I can make it through this class without an ulcer.