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How do I want to introduce this train wreck. I swear all was going fine two weeks ago, and then suddenly the bottom fell out. Ok, here goes, I think the hardest thing that I have to accomplish is fitting the project into a conversation. I don’t want to simply spout off everything that I’ve read, I want to show my point of view and make it interesting. The overview and the scope will be easy, I’ve been blogging about that  for a while now. Sequencing the pieces and the rationale behind it all will be not be difficult either, I have a pretty good idea of how that will work.  If only I had more time. With a funeral this weekend foru towns away, I’m going to have difficulty wrapping this thing up. Hopefully I can bang it out this weekend. I do have idea for the package to turn it in, but no idea on how to present the argument. I know this all sounds like useless drivel, “oh, woe is me” but I really have been working hard and want to finish this up.


April 30th remix

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Since my last blog didn’t post before my computer died, I thought I would repost it. If only I could remember what I wrote.  This week, pardon my language, has been a fucking train wreck. My cookbook came in, and the brochure needs only to have the final copy printed. The food will be made but the freaking essay is going to be the end of me.

Not long ’til the jig is up!

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I will dance a jig when this is all over! I’ve made it to within a couple weeks of semester end and only a week to go ’til this huge project is due. I feel better about the essay, but I still feel that it is dry and boring. I want it to be informative but don’t want to put people to sleep either. The cookbook has been ordered, hopefully it will be here in time and the brochure is complete. What’s left are the endnotes and the nutritional facts to be printed. I can’t believe that I might actually pull it all off, but the end is near.

“…when will it happen?”

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Holy crap! It’s coming down to the wire and I don’t have 1 single piece at 100% complete yet! “It’s not a matter of freaking out and going crazy, the question is, when will it happen?” I have spent so much time on the cookbook and the brochure that the essay has suffered for it. Now I’m facing issues with an intro and the words won’t flow onto the page as they normally do. If I don’t have a rough draft this weekend, then I am screwed! I need to get the cookbook ordered so it comes in on time and I am having trouble with font styles on the brochure. Sorry Liz, but I am SO done with this project! I can’t handle it!

No Title.

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Two weeks to go! I need to get my essay reviewed and the cookbook on order. The brochure is nearly complete, I just have some of the wording to work on. The food is going to be cooked the night before presentation.  The essay is vital, before next class I want to have a rough draft down and bring in for peer review. The cookbook needs to get ordered by friday and the brochure should be completed by next tuesday.
      I am really getting nervous about my time constraints. I am fried! It’s getting down to the wire and I am wetting myself because I’ve fallen a little behind. Needless to say that this weekend will be busy!


I can’t wait til this class is over.

Plugging away.

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In the words of Willy Wonka, “…so much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it”. I have a lot to do in the next three weeks. My first priority is to get the cookbook ordered. I want to make sure it is done in time. I am almost finished with the brochure and the essay needs to be rewritten. As for the food, that will be the last piece to be completed (the night before the deadline), however, I need to get the nutrition facts together and printed up on card stock. My goal for this weekend is to complete two pieces completely. Most likely, those pieces will be the cookbook and the brochure. That will take care of two of my writing pieces. I also intend to complete the nutrition facts sheets. The essay will take the longest to complete, yet oddly enough, to me, essay completion is the most rewarding feeling.

Lots to do!


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I believe I conducted a successful taste test today. The survey was taken by my classmates and I heard quite a few favorable responses. The 5 dishes presented included strawberry cheesecake tarts, oatmeal craisin cookies, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and pineapple upside-down cake. All of these dishes are “diabetic friendly”, meaning low-sugar and low-fat. I know that using the term “diabetic friendly” is somewhat of a faux-pas due to the fact that diabetics can eat anything they want so long as they plan for the glucose spike, however, I use it only to quickly convey how I prepared the food.

Our group was pretty productive today. Adam created and showed a slide showhe created. I commented that at times some of the text was difficult to read due to font color blending in with the background; and Kacey mentioned that some of the text went by too quickly which was a good point. Overall, his presentation looks amazing and well thought out.

Also, Nick showed us his magazine cover. It seems that he has created a fictional athelete that was recently accused of using performance enhancing drugs. It sounds like a sweet concept and the draft of his magazine cover looks awesome. The group suggested that he add some color and a border to the background. This is a great idea, but in hindsight I think that maybe it was too busy. He might want to using maybe one or two pics max and use text to give the reader an idea of the other stories.

 Okay, enough about them, let’s get to want I need to do. This week I plan to get a draft down of my first genre piece, the essay. I want to play around with the brochure as well. the brochure is going to feed into the essay so I need to complete those two pieces together. The cookbook is coming along swimmingly, I need to get that ordered so it has enough time to get back to me, and the food seemed to go over pretty well today as you have already read. Overall, I have a lot of work to do but with the food, pretty much locked down as far as recipes (still need to go over surveys to be sure) are concerned, I have the confidence to say that this project is just about a a quarter finished!