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A summer to remember.

Posted in Circadian Events with tags , , on 8 September, 09 by MastrN8

As I headed back through the front doors of school a couple of weeks ago, I felt, for the first time since high school, a twinge of reluctance and melancholy. Summer was jam packed with joys and triumphs and stress and sadness. I was lucky enough to become quite close to a family member only to have them leave my life forever. I got to hang out with old friends to experience new things and rekindled old friendships to engage in new conversations. All in all, I must say that the summer of ’09 was one of the best/worst/ best again summers to date.

As most of you read in my previous post, three months ago, sorry about that, I had just started a summer class. Let me just say that should anyone tell you that they are taking Calculus during a ten-week summer course, do them a favor and slap the idea right out of their head. Yes, I am glad that it is over with. Yes, I am glad that I am not taking it whilst taking my current load of courses. No, I would never in a million years do that again. I almost feel that it would have been mor beneficial if I would have taken two to three gen. ed. courses like philosophy and econ. over the summer than just the one math course. Oh well, I got through it with a B and that is all that matters. God willing, that is the last math course I ever take. Don’t get me wrong however, I did enjoy it and I learned loads, but I worked my butt off for that B! I think if I had taken it during a regular semester I would have done much better.

Back in June I related to you an anecdote that happened to me at a ballgame. I was with my wife’s grandmother and grabbed me a foul ball. ‘Member? You ‘member! Anyhow, I am sorry to say that Grandma Espinoza passed away on July 24. I was very fortunate to have gotten to know her in the last five or six months of her life. The funeral was nice, but unfortunately it didn’t exactly go off as Grandma wished it to. Family politics can sometimes muddy the waters a bit and make us lose sight of what is really important. I feel however, that everyone was able to say their goodbyes in a respectful manner and mourn in their own way. A great many people will miss you Tortilla Grandma.

To lighten things up a bit I wish to share my experiences in the pit. Mayhemfest came to town on July 19th! Of the many, many bands present I got mere feet away from Cannibal Corpse, All That Remains, Bullet for My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, Slayer, and Marilyn Manson! It was quite a rush, one I haven’t felt in about a decade when I would go to a concert every week, or so it seemed. The pit passes were pricey but well worth it. In the past decade I somehow forgot the rush from jumping in the mosh pit and throwing punches and violently shoving people while head-pounding metal riffs threaten to burst your eardrums. At one point, when the pit was especially dangerous, I jumped in and got cold-cocked right in the side of the head. It hurt, I won’t lie; it made me stumble to the inside edge of the circle where someone shoved me back into the center of the pit. I lost my balance and as I was going down I swung a fist right into the face of the guy that hit me. We both went down and landed hard, but you know, about five or six hands reached out to help us up. No one holds a grudge in the pit but no one holds back either, to me that is freaking beautiful. Those that don’t appreciate the Metal music genre will ever understand that. Sure you may jump into the pit and get knocked out, bashed and bruised a little, but no one is really out to hurt anyone, it’s just a way to have fun and let go of some stress.

This summer went by a little too fast for my tastes and I’m really finding it hard to concentrate on my studies. Currently I am taking Anatomy and Physiology, Organic Chemistry,Philosophy, and World Geography. I really meant to get a lot of studying packed into this long Labor Day weekend but I found myself slacking off. I really don’t feel much like cracking a book right now. I know I’ll be stressed this week, Thank God it’s a short one, but at this point I am not sweating it, I’m just going to take it easy and worry about it tomorrow.

I know this post was a little disjointed, sorry, I’ll work on that. I had a lot to report and want to really start writing more consistently in the future. Hopefully, I’ll talk to you next week.