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Nascar can do it, why can’t I?

Posted in Scattershot with tags on 10 September, 08 by MastrN8

I have always wondered how much local companies would pay me to advertise their company. I have no delusions that I am the first to come up with this idea, but why wouldn’t some business, especially a new company, pay me to put an advertisement on my car and drive in designated areas. Now, I know that there are companies out there that already do this but I have an added twist. You know those big trucks that have billboards in the bed of the truck, you know the ones that promote their own business rather than their clients. My idea is this: I tell a company that I will drive my own personal car with a car length magnet on both sides of the vehicle. The company would be able to state the terms of where I drive and how often. They would pay for gas and the making of their magnetic sign. Of course the sign would be theirs to keep and I would only require gas and time compensation. I believe this idea to be similar to the guy that hangs out on a nearby street corner with a sign.

I find that the beauty here lies in simplicity, low start-up costs, and mindlessness. One would only need to talk companies into fronting the cost. Which is relatively low compared to T.V., radio, or even billboards. I know a lot of companies that are on the road anyway have the advantage of this type of advertising but what about restaurants? The problem though is that companies aren’t clever or thoughtful about it. The entire advertisement is just a name, maybe a logo, and contact info. Why stop there? Spice it up! Get my attention! The most clever idea I’ve seen are the vans or trailers that have a life-size pic of a guy with the illusion that said van or trailer is open. That type of ad is a little more complex for the purposes of my idea, yet, I figure if Nascar drivers can rent out their car, why can’t I?

Because it requires a big time commitment, not every car on the road would be a rolling billboard. The company would need to be very specific about where the driver would be and for how long. Suppose you have a restaurant that just opened up about a mile away from a high concentration of offices, downtown for instance. Why not have a driver circle the blocks of these office buildings between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.? The sign could be very specific since you know your exact demographic. Something like, “Feel like a burrito? Jose’s is just four blocks away!”

Maybe your lifelong dream is to open a pet shop, but the cheapest premises that you could find was two blocks from Petsmart. Why not have a driver circle a mile radius with many pics of puppies chasing each other from the hood clear around the car. Picture it? a puppy on the hood chasing a puppy on the side on the trunk back to the hood. You stop at the stoplight adjacent to the big box that says, “Cuter puppies can be found at Mary’s Pet Store”.

Another upside to this is that you aren’t locked into one client. By using magnets, you can easily remove the ads. in the morning you promote the delicious omelettes that they serve at Joe’s Diner near the old folk’s homes, in the afternoon you’re promoting awesome car stereos near the local high school, and at night you cruise by apartment complexes promoting a recently opened night club. Why don’t I see these cars everywhere? It would make a great part-time job for single parents that are making their errands throughout the day.

Now I know I am missing a huge side of this, especially on the legal side. The driver, being an agent of the company whose sign is on his/her car, might run into problems of being in a competitor’s parking lot. Not to mention Al Gore whining about raping the earth for financial profit, but honestly, who isn’t? There is also insurance and liabilities to think about. Those are details that can be ironed out. I just think that this would have been my dream job in high school. I would’ve been paid to do nothing but drive and I would be able to remove the ads before i picked up a date.

If you find something wrong with this idea, imaginary reader, please let me know. If you try it let me know if it works so I can take a cut of your profits for theft of my intellectual property. Just kidding. Give it a shot, I’ll bet many low-key or start-up companies with little funding for advertising would eat this up.