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Hounddog banned? Chalk another one up to ignorant retards!

Posted in Scattershot with tags , , , , on 23 September, 08 by MastrN8

I just saw this on, it sickens me. The link will be at the bottom of this post. I just read that Hounddog, Dakota Fanning’s new movie, has been pulled from over 5,000 AMC theaters nationwide. The cause for this action? Certain family organizations raised hell about a particular scene in the movie that depicts Fanning being raped. Now I don’t want to ever think about a nine-year-old being raped, let alone see it, however, is it fair that a very small population of people is allowed to control what the rest of the country can or cannot see? According to WENN, “Officials at Concerned Women For America are leading the charge to boycott the movie…”. Does anyone else find this appalling? The article goes on to say that the great state of North Carolina has investigated the claims that the scene constitutes “sexual activity” of a minor and found that no laws have been broken. The director has a great quote in the article, saying that it is sad that people that haven’t even seen the movie are willing to immediately speak out against it.

I’ll let you decide for yourselves but it really aggravates me not only that people are so violently against art (no matter how distasteful they find it) whenever it breaches an area that they are uncomfortable with, but to also automatically dismiss something outright at the mere mention of something that you find disagreeable. If you don’t think you’ll like it, don’t fucking watch it, but don’t take that right away from others! That’s what terrorists want to do. The Germans, Russians, Chinese, and the Al Qaeda all want, or have wanted, to control what their citizens see, think, and feel based on their narrow views of what they feel is or isn’t appropriate. This country has fought too many wars for us to bow down to those that feel something is bad for America based on what they have inferred, not even seen, and deemed to be inappropriate.

Shame on you Concerned Women of America for not letting the public decide for themselves what is or isn’t appropriate. I have not seen the film myself, thanks to you, so it very well might be a piece of garbage, however without the chance to formulate my own opinion, I might as well live in 1930’s Germany. Shame on you as well AMC for bowing down to those that do not stand for the American ideal of freedom of speech. By letting them win you have succumbed to a terrorist attack and let the few dictate what the many should be allowed to do for themselves.

Censorship sucks. What will you take away next? Who are you to decide what’s good?

Personally, not being much of a Fanning fan, I didn’t really care to see this movie. In light of current events however, I’d like nothing better than to watch it. Thanks CWA! Wish I could find one of your picket lines to cross!