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That’s why my next computer will be…

Posted in Scattershot with tags , on 2 October, 08 by MastrN8

     So a couple of weeks ago Microsoft launched an ad campaign that was intended to mop up the bloodbath of negativity that gushed forth when Microsoft put Vista on the market. These new ads showcase a number of people that look like they are innovators in their respective fields. I personally don’t recognize any of them but I of course don’t get out much, so please pardon my ignorance. At first I thought the commercial sent a good statement claiming that the PC user is not endangered. I, however, must admit some bias here. I have been a PC user ever since childhood, well, since the Apple IIe got outdated anyway. After having ruminated on it a while though, I realized that Microsoft came across as desperate. You don’t see Apple using Windows’ ads as a way to attack the competition. They usually come up with fresh ideas and make dynamic, even iconic commercials…

This was not the case 10-15 years ago. There is definitely a reason why “a community of more than a billion individuals” are dedicated PC users, according to Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” ads. I remember a time in the not so distant past when a Mac was worth less than a paperweight although priced higher than a PC. Programs, and I imagine their writers, just seemed to favor PCs. Don’t ask me why but if you were on a Mac in the late 80’s early 90’s, you were considered lame. PC had Windows! People could multitask and if you had a modem that ran 28.8 kbps you were the shit! Mac, well, it was just an abbreviation for some kind of apple, I think. Then came the iPod. Oh happy day! I recall some people shunning the technology at first because of who produced it; I, however, also remembering thinking to myself, “Holy crap! I can carry  around every cd I own in my pocket? Where do I sign?”. And so, the dicotomy  began…

When I first met my wife, we had a half-joking, half-serious argument about this division amongst computer users. She grew up in a Mac family. My first question was how she got through school without falling in love with windows. She just shrugged her shoulders and said that she just adjusted. With so many schools that have Windows labs and so few with Mac labs, it’s a wonder how people can get through their lives without touching a PC. The truth is, they can’t. Windows seems to work best at work. In other words, having used my wife’s Mac many times, I realized that it is the perfect system for being creative and making some really cool things. iphoto is, hands down, so much incredibly better than anything Win has available, without getting third-party software and I think anymore that itunes is a standard download to have. That being said, Microsoft Office Suite, can blow anything that Apple can come up with, as far as work documentation goes, out of the water.

Which brings me back to the ad campaigns. For the aforementioned reasons do we see PC in a tie, and a young hip Justin Long as a Mac. I personally love those ads. They crack me up. Even before the Vista fiasco, Microsoft was being criticized, and perhaps rightly so, for lack of user friendliness. Whether PC user or Mac user, you must admit, Macs are just easier to use. After Leopard came out, my in-laws purchased it for their Mac and after having used it, I was sold. Vista might not be as bad as claimed, personally, I think it was the public’s knee-jerk reaction of seeing XP radically changed that caused the whole mess, but Leopard is definitely easier to navigate, the menus and backgrounds look cooler, and the time capsule feature is definitely worth looking into. Although, I will miss my multiple buttoned mouse with a wheel that can scroll down pages, I think Apple has converted me. Now if I can just afford them….

Yet, I again digress, the whole point I am coming to; the main intention that I had for writing this much-too-long diatribe; the initial point that I have been avoiding this whole time is that the new “I’m a PC” were created, in part, on Macs. O’ the sweet smell of irony. Understandably, I’m a layman when it comes to computers, advertising and marketing, however, if it were my company, I would want a commercial that shone with the golden glory that is the product that I made, through and through. I realize that Microsoft probably hired a company to make it and that company probably outsourced some of the work to still others, it takes a village, I get that, but how embarrassing! Now I know what you’re thinking, how do you know it’s true. Good Question, my imaginary readers! In fact, it wasn’t until I was watching Adult Swim the other night that I heard about this. I, of course, not taking anything Adult Swim tells me as Gospel, I immediately conducted some research, not a lot mind you, I do have a life. I found out that yes, it is true that some of the images in the ad and posted on Microsoft Corps.’s website were created with a Mac.
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I urge you, imaginary reader, to decide for yourself. Which platform do you like better? Does it matter? Some say no, as long as they can still get their daily infusion of porn everyday.


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